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Waste, Resource or Opportunity?

Another great way to recycle and prevent waste going to landfill.

Greener Me


A pile of kitchen organic waste is saved every day in our home.  For what most people consider is waste, we see as a resource.   A valuable commodity that feeds our 10,000 plus garden worms and compost bins.  This in turn feeds our gardens which of course feeds our family.

Dr James Bradfield Moody, co-author of the book ‘The Sixth Wave’, believes that the next big business market will be in waste. “Waste will be a source of opportunity”.

This opportunity will be at all levels; from global multinationals to small start up businesses.

I believe I may have stumbled across one such opportunity – a potential small business idea that utilises everyday household waste.

Recently I attended a ‘moving house’ garage sale, 30 minutes before it was due to end.  The garage sale resident told me “you have come at a good time…everything must go…just take what you…

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Drain your scraps before they land in the Bokashi bin!



One of biggest frustrations people have with their Bokashi bin, it seems, is that now and then it smells.

Not just a bit, but really, really off. Not good for goodwill in the family or recruiting friends and neighbors to the cause. Mostly, people try to solve the problem by tossing in more bran. Gradually getting more disillusioned as it fails to make a big difference. Sadly I think a lot of bins have ended up in a corner of the garage because of this. A great idea that just didn’t quite make it.

The reason a Bokashi bin starts to smell is, nearly always, that it’s simply too wet in there. No amount of bran will help, you simply ha

ve to get rid of the excess moisture. The easiest way to do that is to simply put a newspaper inside the bin for a few days, it will…

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High Tea Course (2/25) at Wedding

Worth a mention.  Seen this last weekend at a wedding I attended In Christchurch/NZ.  There was like 20-30 small gluten free courses over 6 hours (Go figure),   but for one of the first was a High Tea (incl food):  Everyone got there own Individual Vintage Tea Set (hand labelled, included real silver spoons and cake forks, sugar cubes)!



North Sydney Worm Farm and Bokashi Workshop

When: Sat 13 Oct, 1-3pm
Where: Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, 2 Balls Head Drive Waverton
Worm farming is a great way to reduce your food waste and create ready-made fertiliser. The Bokashi composting bin system is an effective and convenient way to compost kitchen waste and is suitable for homes, apartments and townhouses.

North Sydney Council
Customer Service Centre
200 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
T (02) 9936 8100
F (02) 9936 8177

TV Watching

Watching this now on Channel 7 free to air.  Hilarious, again for about the 5th time.


if you are looking to buy EM-1 supplies in Australia, you can order this online at the above website…


Sorry no posts lately, time poor.  That doen’t mean I have had nothing to say,  just had problems getting to the keyboard.  I spend a fair amount of time on the road and that is where I do my thinking.  Just need to find a way to type this all down in the time I have left during my day/nights.

One of the questions I asked myself this morning  was:

1. “What happens to all the boats that arrive at Christmas Island?”  “Is there a boat graveyard?”  If so,  wouldn’t mind a shofty (Look).

2. “Is there and endless stock of old boats in Indonesia and Sri Lanka for smuggling migrants?”

Hopefully somoene can help me answer this.

Have a great week ahead!!

And soil it begins…

Great effort guys in transforming an 80L bucket into a Bokashi System!

Delightful Farm

You may have already heard the worst kept secret in town, that the Penalty Box Restaurant is preparing a new location- with its own urban farm!

We are very excited about our new venture and there is lots to tell. To share our excitement with you we will have started this blog to keep you- our friends, family and fans – in the know about one of the best things to happen in Windsor since the Chicken Delight!

We will begin our story with the foundation of all good farming- the soil. At our new location we will grow our own vegetables using organic growing practices. A key principle of organic farming is to feed the soil, not the plant, because healthy soil can provide most of what a plant needs, and with the help of the farmer produces the healthiest vegetables possible. Good soil also makes vegetables taste better

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And soil it begins…

And soil it begins….